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Boyz II Men, Graduation and Moving to New York

I know you’re probably thinking, what does the 1990’s Motown Philly band have to do with anything on this blog? Well, it doesn’t…not really, at least.

Let me explain: I am nearing the end of my college career and I have been a college student for a looooooooong time, like I could have had a Master’s by now, and although I am glad to be moving on to the next level, I am kind of sad it’s over: queue Boyz II Men and their 1992 mega hit End of the Road, which I am inserting below for yo’ viewing pleasure:

The thing is: yea, I’m glad this is over but I am entering a whole new territory and I am worried about my future and I know you all are too, and I have something to tell you:


That’s right: it’s okay to be afraid, to be worried, to be scared and to be nervous. You’re not ready to jump into the “real world”? That’s fine, you can take some time to figure it out, you can look at a different career fields than the one you majored in! Travel, fall in love, fall out of love, move, or stay where you are.

The point is, we’re young, we’ve accomplished something big and we are solely in control of our lives. You can be afraid, but do NOT let that fear stop you from accomplishing your next big goal. I’m worried as hell about this move to New York, but I am not about to let it stop me from this dream I have.

Just a little Thursday “pick me up”…I am moving TO NEW YORK TOMORROW!!! I am sooooo excited. The next time you hear from me, I will be a New Yorker 😉


Jess AsPRing


Is Silence Golden? The Curious Case of Jeremy Scott

Happy Friday! If you’re like me and follow the news (and Heaven-help me, I hope you do!) then you might have heard about designer Jeremy Scott lately. Short story: Jeremy Scott is a pop culture designer who collaborates with Adidas on some pretty wild (and sometimes controversial) designs. His Fall 2013 collection, was par-the-course for this ecletic designer: ghoulish cartoon prints, bright colors, punchy prints; but someone (or rather, several someone’s) noticed something “off” about Scott’s prints: they closely mirrored those of Skateboard design legend Jimbo Phillips, as illustrated in the now-infamous photo below (which Jimbo posted to his own Facebook page with the caption, “this is crazy!”):

Photo belongs to  Jimbo Phillips, Jeremy Scott

Since the release of the damning images, Robert A. Denike, President of NHS, Inc./Santa Cruz Skateboards (which sells Jimbo’s iconic designs) released a statement admonishing Scott and saying (in no uncertain terms) that they were seeking “legal options”.

Now the thing is, this is a serious crisis situation for Jeremy Scott’s people; there is a lot of damning evidence that Scott duplicated a number of Phillips’ designs and plenty of publications have picked the story up (with images EEK!). But Scott has yet to release a single statement, and in fact, one look over their social media pages, it seems business as usual; whats going on?! We’re often taught that  in crisis situations, we should get out in front of it and develop a strategy and release a statement and so on and so forth, but what can Scott say?

With so much evidence and Phillips’ heavy following (apparently the skate subculture is stronger than ever), what could Scott say that wouldn’t make himself look worse than he does now? The answer is: probably nothing. “Oops, my bad” ain’t gonna cut it here folks, and with the introduction of legalities, well it’s probably best that both parties keep their statements at a minimum. As the public, we can only  speculate what either party is thinking or will do as they move forward. What we do know is, this might just be one of the rare cases where silence is indeed golden.

What do you think? Should Jeremy Scott make a statement or is he right to keep quiet? What happens when plagiarism is done between two professionals? Is this even plagiarism? Let me know what you think!

Until next time, XOXOXO


When is it “cool” to take a risk?…also, I have been a horrible blogger

I know, I know…you’re probably reading this title and rolling your eyes all big and wide and saying, “geez, Jess, we know you’ve been a horrible blogger…now shut up and get to writing about stuff we care about”
OK ok…you don’t have to be so mean about it. Anyway, as you all know it’s that time of the year for peeps to head back to school and Fall internships; whether you already have one, are still searching for one, or are interviewing for one, they should be on your brain. As I am not exempt from the hustle of the PR world, I have attained an internship with my first choice agency and will be starting next week! WOO HOO

Today, I wanted to talk (very briefly) about new opportunities and taking risks, because in this line of business (PR…you remember?) it can be the difference between retiring a junior account executive or an executive director of global communications…whatever that means

I’m all about taking risks, moving to another country on my own when I was 17, quitting my paying job to pursue an unpaid internship so that I could pursue my career, dropping out of college to travel because I was restless (don’t worry, I got back in!), etc. I’m not going to lie some of those risks have paid off better than others, but I think I’ve developed a set of internal questions to ask myself before I take risks…career risks, at least (hey, I’m still a rebel!):

  1. Are you really okay to deal with the consequences if said risk does not pay off? Look, in a perfect world we would be able to see positive feedback from every risk we took, but that’s not this world. You need to make sure you can take whatever the feedback is: good bad or indifferent (which may be the worst of all.
  2. What is the payoff? Wat will you “win” if this risk pays off? For me, it’s a lifelong career in a field I love, doing what I love. So it’s worth it, ask yourself: is this worth all of the trouble? Take advice from my granny (and Boyz II Men, I think) “anything worth having is worth working hard for”
  3. Is anybody else depending on you to succeed? I am a single woman who does NOT pay rent, with a very supportive family…quitting my job to pursue my dream wasn’t that bad financially, I mean, am I eating steak everyday? No, but if you have children or a family or somebody depending on you, maybe taking that risk won’t be feasible. Or they will motivate you to work that much harder…
  4. Have you really thought this through? OK, I get it, take the leap? go after your dreams? Go big or go home! But have you really thought what it means to “go big or go home”? It means you either go all out or you’re out of the game. That’s a scary thought, my friends. Are you ready to get out of the game?
  5. DO YOU LOVE IT? This should be a no-brainer, but I have to ask: are you risking it all on something (or someone) you love? If not, then tell me again, why are you doing this? Seriously, if you are taking big risks on something you are luke warm about, then I can;t second that bro, not at all.

I am not detering you from taking risks, I think they are healthy…especially in our age bracket (anyone under 26ish…we all mature at different ages) and THIS, my young friends and coworkers, is the time to take these risks, but only if you think they will set you up for a better tomorrow.

Well, that’s it for me, look out for another post this week that should help you with that pesky Fall internship/job hunt.

XOXOXO, Jess_AsPRing

DON’T Call Me Maybe: What Carly Rae Jepsen Taught Me About Succeeding in PR

I feel like I am adult enough to admit that I like Cary Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and there’s a kitty drawing I particularly like based on the song (I swear, check it out here) and I like kittehs…so there.

But when I was listening to it, I realized that the lyrics would just be awful advice for a PR pro (aspiring or not), so I decided to do a little blog with 4 lessons CRJ (inadvertently) taught me about PR:

Lesson #1: “I threw a wish in the well, don’t ask me I’ll never tell” Please don’t base your career future on hopes and dreams: go out and MAKE it happen! No wishing well is going to make your PR career happen. Only YOU can.

Lesson #2: “…it’s hard to look right at you baby…” What?! How can anybody take you seriously if you can’t look them in the eyes: clients, journalists, TV producers, interviewers, etc. they ALL expect you to be able to look them in the eye!

Lesson #3: “You gave me nothing at all, but still you’re in my way…” Okay, so there are 2 lessons here: someone gives you nothing? Then what is their purpose? The same goes for you PR newbie, if you offer NOTHING then who will want to work with you? Nobody. 2nd lesson, nobody should stand in your way. Ever.

Lesson #4: “But here’s my number, so call me maybe” This is the line that made me think twice: “call me maybe?” Oh ye, of little faith: PR is not the career for the timid and an agency CEO isn’t going to want an unsure PR newbie on their team. You know you are awesome, capable, educated and hungry, so let them see that! With direct answers, eye contact, and confidence (not cockiness, those are 2 different things). No “call me maybe” instead, “what day can I expect a call back from you? I’m available at XX times on XX days”

See? Pop music does more than melt your brain…it also teaches you a thing or two about the PR industry (or maybe I am so PR-obsessed I can find it in everything -_-) and how to succeed in the business. Remember, the PR industry is more than a degree and a smile, I got some really GREAT advice from the head of my firm, Mary Shank Rockman (20+ year PR vet), the other day, “It doesn’t take any number of degrees to make it in this business, it takes good judgement and hard work. If you have those, you’ve got a career ahead of you.” and I believe it. So, call me maybe? No, call me for sure.

XOXOXO, Jess_AsPRing