About Me!

****UPDATED September 17, 2015***

Hi there! My name is Jess; I started this blog a few years ago when I was just breaking into PR and wanted to share what I’ve learned, my thoughts and funny GIFs. I’m no longer updating, but please feel free to peruse the archives and shoot me a note if you have a career question or just want to say heeeeyyyyy!!!

The blog focuses on several aspects of PR:

  1. Internships and entry-level jobs: How to get your foot in the door, rather fro newbies looking for their first position to intern pros trying to make the transition to a full-time job
  2. Social Media: What sites you need to know about, how to use them professionally, top trends, etc.
  3. Writing: Publicists are storytellers, how do you tell a story? Through effective writing; we will explore how to cut the fat from writing, gain audience attention and craft effective press releases, pitches, blog posts and even Tweets!
  4. Networking and Building Relationships: This is a personal goal of mine, learn how to effectively network and build long-lasting relationships within the industry (and with editors and influencers as well)
  5. And lots of other fun stuff like office relations, social media etiquette, jargon, etc.

I am STILL super excited about this amazing journey I am on, I won’t stop until I am at the TOP of the PR career ladder.


You can check my Linkedin Jessica


2 responses to “About Me!

  1. Very good subjects for your blog!

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