I Bid You Adieu…

Hey there,

I know it’s been a VERY long time (Geez, over a year?!) BUT I’m still here! In fact in that past year I’ve:

  • Gotten a new job, with a promotion
  • Moved into a nice apartment
  • Traveled like crazy
  • Experienced my SECOND New York Winter (No, they don’t get any better LOL)
  • Fallen in and out of love and then back in…with New York

And I’m happy to announce, I’ve gotten a new job as a Senior Account Executive at a great new agency. I think my promotion to the SAE position is a good time to officially announce that I will no longer be updating this blog. I started this blog as an intern’s intern, a lowly pleb willing to work for free and confused and scared with a dream and a media list. And now, here I am! over 3 years later, with my foot firmly in my dream career, living in my dream city. It’s crazy to wake up everyday and realize that a dream I set in motion 4 years ago, came true.

I say all of this to…say: this blog helped me chase my dreams and I HOPE it helps someone else. You stay classy, PR peeps.



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