The Senior Chronicles, Part V: Phone Interview Realness

Before you say it, I know I know…where the h*ll have I been? Well, I don’t know; getting ready to graduate (6 more weeks), gearing up for this move to New York City (queue Empire State of Mind) and just trying to stay sane.

Today, I have a short but sweet post continuing the “Senior Chronicles” series: this one is about phone interviews. Lots of agencies and companies are doing phone interviews these days and I think it’s important to have a few tips in your back pocket.

In fact, I am so committed to phone interviews that I already did a post on it (view here), but I decided to go ahead and do another post with 10 more tips from expert resources (like, that aren’t me…)

  1. Remember, this is much like an in-person interview: get dressed and research before-hand (including the agency and your interviewer, if possible)
  2. Pick a quiet place, with good reception
  3. Answer the phone with your name, this way you can straight to it
  4. Prepare a “script” with answers to commonly-asked questions (which I’ll write in another post)
  5. DON’T OVER-TALK, be the listener
  6. Stand up and smile-they can totes hear it in your voice
  7. Have your resume and cover letter in front of you
  8. Make sure you have questions to ask the interviewer (got a post on that for ya ;))
  9. Make sure to ask for a timeframe of when you should be hearing back, and when you can contact the interviewer again
  10. FOLLOW-UP! There are thousands of other hungry entry-level PR pros who are vying for that job, make yourself stand out by writing a follow-up email and maybe even a thank you note via snail mail.

Here are a few links to where I got this expert advice:
Ace Your Phone Interview: 21 Quick & Simple Tips
17 Tips to Ace Your Next Phone Interview
The New Trouble on the Line

And that’s all I’ve got people…until next time

XOXO, Jess_AsPRing


5 responses to “The Senior Chronicles, Part V: Phone Interview Realness

  1. This is great! I love #9 especially because I feel like it is the least talked about. It seems rude to ask or like you’re pressuring the interviewer, but from what I’ve been learning it seems like a completely normal thing to do. Also, phone interviews seem easy but I feel like they can be more difficult! So thank you for all your tips!

    • Thanks Katie! I’m glad you enjoyed the tips and yes, the “follow up” and asking when to follow up seems to be a bit of a problem for us young professionals and those of us just starting out, but it’s completely normal.

  2. Hey Jess!

    #10 is SO important, and I cannot stress it enough. It’s not even a matter of just sending a thank you email, you really have to make yourself stand out in the follow-up email. I like to go over what we discussed in our interview. If we talked about industry trends, I would even provide links to relevant articles. I’ve also noticed that I get PROMPT responses after I send out THOUGHTFUL follow-up emails.

    By the way, I saw your comment on LinkedIn and wanted to check out your blog. I just completed my junior year, so I will be following your blog closely. Good luck on your job search!

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