The Senior Chronicles, Part IV: Cover letter help via #Resuchat

Hey peeps! I’m sorry we had to move The Senior Chronicles back a day, but with everything going on in my life and then the Boston tragedy, I didn’t want to post. But today, I’ve got a treat for you: a little over a week ago, I participated in a TwitterChat hosted by Jackalope Jobs, a social-charged job hunting site (go check it out!!!). The chat was all about nailing your cover letter and asked a very important question: Should entry-level cover letters look different from their more experienced counterparts?

The short answer? No. Well, not really…I can’t explain, so let’s get down to what I learned and what hopefully you can learn to!

  1. Question 1: Should entry-level cover letters differ from other professional cover letters?
    1. @CreativeCLs: Yes and no. You don’t have much work experience, so focus on yr potential. But should still be professional yet conversational #resuchat
    2. @TomBolt : Probably not. I’ll be in a minority on that opinion, but the cover letter won’t fix qualifications that aren’t there. #ResuChat
  2. Question 2: What are some elements that must be included? What can be left out?
    1. @Hourly: Include how you can benefit a company. Exclude any repetitions of your resume. #resuchat
    2. @AllThingsBiz: Your value proposition–what makes you different from the other candidates and how can you make a difference at the company? #resuchat
    3. @MikePetras: Cover letters can smooth over gaps in employment or 2 many job changes. Here is a list of probs: #ResuChat
  3. Question 3: What’s the optimum length of an entry-level cover letter?
    1. @TomBolt: Three paragraphs. Not pages and pages. Middle paragraph can be bulleted to show key matches to specs. #ResuChat
    2. @sparkhire: A paragraph or two short paragraphs. Short and sweet, but make it count. #HR has to read a lot these things. #Resuchat
  4. What are some differences between cover letter and resume content?
    1. @ComeRecommended: Resumes showcase your experience. Cover letters illustrate your accomplishments and why you would be an asset. #ResuChat
    2. @MikePetras: Resume = skills, education, accomplishments. Cover letter = why u r a fit & what makes u diff than any other candidate #ResuChat
  5. What are some creative entry-level cover letters you’ve seen?
    1. @kavita1010: #Vine cover letter (link here!)She just got a job! #ResuChat
    2. @ComeRecommended: Writing the cover letter to fit the lyrics of a popular song. #resuchat

That was pretty much it (okay, there was ALOT more, but these were my favorite) and I learned a lot, such as: my cover letter should be short, it needs to bring the emotion where my resume cannot and it’s a chance for me to qualify my experience and tell them WHY they should hire me. Finally, these were 3 pieces of info I really liked and wanted to leave you with:
@TomBolt : Cover ltrs should be in the “T-Cover” format 1) Intro: Tell em why you are writing 2) tell em how you are qualified 3) closing
@Hourly: Include your personality. Don’t be a robot! #resuchat
@bob_firestone: Unlike resumes, Cover Letters let you build EMOTION then backfill with logic/metrics of success/social proof. #resuchat

#ResuChat runs every other Tuesday at 9 PM, EST…so check it out! It was very informative and I learned a lot from all the participants!

That’s it for me, until next time!



9 responses to “The Senior Chronicles, Part IV: Cover letter help via #Resuchat

  1. Hello and thank you for your recap! I love #ResuChat and did not make this one do I appreciate you taking the time write a brief summary. I thought my cover letter was pretty good, but after reading this post i feel that I have a lot of improvements to make. Particularly, I need to shorten my cover letter…a lot! Thanks again!

  2. I like @MikePetras explanation of the difference between a resume and a cover letter. Where these responses from professionals or opinions of students?

    • These were responses from a host of respected professionals, many of whom are recruiting or HR pros, as well.

      • Oh! That’s incredibly helpful! That’s very smart of them to host that.

      • Yea, it’s a great chat! You should definitely check it out when it happens next, I think it’s every other Tuesday, but I can’t think of the time at this moment

        Jessica A Sims Public Relations/Social Media Student Tel:(202) 560-2114 SENT FROM MY IPHONE

      • That’s even better that it is available biweekly! I love that idea!

      • Yea, I’ve done about 3 of them so far and I have gotten some amazing advice, you have GOT to check it out. Great blog, BTW, I love seeing another young careerist who doesn’t mind sharing what we’re learning along the way!

        [image: logo] *Jessica A Sims** Emerging Public Relations/Social Media Talent* Tel:(202)560-2114 San Francisco Bay Area “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR”- Bill Gates [image: WordPress] [image: Twitter] [image: LinkedIn] [image: pinterest] [image:] Designed with WiseStamp – Get yours

        On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 2:02 PM, Jess AsPRing

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