“Thinking Out Loud” Thursdays: PR Career Discrepancies

Happy (deep breath) “almostfridaysothereforetechnicallyalmostheweekend”. How have you all been? I’ve been fine, just doing a little SOLO PR work…WHAT?! I know,  totes cray, but I have like 2 “clients” I don’t even feel right calling them that. Just 2 people who I am helping get the word out and do some stuff for (more on that later).

Today’s post is about something I’ve been thinking about a LOT lately; as I’ve  been career hunting (like most of you) I have noticed something very strange: while there are a definitely lack of entry-level PR pro positions (say THAT 10 times fast), there seems to be an abundance of upper level/executive positions available…so I’m like hmm…

Think about putting some clothes on dude!

So what happens in the time between the entry-level pro and the senior-level pro? Do people cave under the stress and leave the industry? Do they go in-house? Are PR professionals on some sort of Logan’s Run-type thing where our careers have a time limit (please oh please understand this reference)?

What’s the deal?! What do you think happens? Do we get frustrated and throw the towel in? Or is this all in my head and clearly I am crazy and need to step away from the job boards and put the Espresso down?

Let me know in the comments people! This upcoming Monday, I have a super helpful and super awesome post coming at ya’ about yo resume; so bring yoself back! Until next time…



2 responses to ““Thinking Out Loud” Thursdays: PR Career Discrepancies

  1. I have to say that the wait in between college and getting a new job is a little troublesome. I think what makes it go by faster is the ability to stay positive and surround yourself with positive people. I took a year off before heading to grad school but during that time (and up until the present) I have stayed connected to my career passions through volunteering and landing internships! Sorry for the long rant but that’s basically how I survived! 🙂

    • Thanks Joanne! I wasn’t necessarily speaking about MY frustration with finding a job post-grad. I was just wondering out loud why there is such a discrepancy in job postings. And that wasn’t a rant, just some strongly-worded advice 😉

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