David & Goliath: Moving From a Small Agency to a Large Agency

What’s up? Long time no…read, I guess (awkward). Anyway, the reason I haven’t been blogging is because lot has changed in the past few weeks: I started at a new agency as well as my LAST year of University…so I’ve been super busy and I know that’s not an excuse…but I’m sorry.

So, for 3 months during this summer, I interned at a boutique agency and about 3 weeks ago, I moved to a larger agency; one with over 20 offices world-wide and lots of staff and accounts and such. The transition wasn’t easy, I went from working in a close-knit environment where not only did I know everybody’s name, but we also conversed regularly (even the owner and principle of the agency) to a huge office where I know the names of maybe 20% of the staff. My work load also changed, as did the scope of my work. Before I was doing a lot of pitching and writing, because at a smaller agency, you get more chances. At a larger agency, my work is mostly project and support-based. This isn’t a bad thing; I’m learning a lot of the necessary components of every-day account management and that there is a lot more the media relations than just sending an e-mail and hoping for the best.

Working at a large agency also affords  training opportunities; I have been to trainings on media relations, digital offerings, etc. I’m learning a lot in these trainings. Conversely, at the boutique agency, I did a lot of “on the job” training, which has it’s on merits; it was quicker and more practical-based, with lots of chances to make mistakes, but also lots of chances to get coverage and make relationships with journalists.

While there are many differences, there are also a lot of similarities: being proactive works in both environments, if I hear my manager or others saying they need some information I am always the first to volunteer to do the research. I also don’t mind staying behind a few minutes to help take care of work. It also helps to be mindful of what you say and being pleasant and courteous helps in every environment.

In short, this post is just about the differences I’ve noticed in my transition; I’m not saying a big agency is better or that you’ll enjoy a boutique agency more. There are definitely differences and I just wanted to point them out. What do you think? Do you work/intern at a smaller agency or one of the big ones?

XOXOXO, Jess_AsPRing


2 responses to “David & Goliath: Moving From a Small Agency to a Large Agency

  1. I’ve had similar experiences at a large and small agency. You definitely lear different things, so I’m glad I got to try both. Best of luck in your new job!

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