Social Media Saturdays: Twitter

I have a short quiz for you, when you look at the bird above, do you think:
a. Oh, it’s a North American Blue Robin
b. Aww, how cute!
c. Oh dang, let me check my mentions and retweets for today

If you answered “c” chances are, you already know a lot about today’s topic, but tune in anyway and then Tweet it…if you like it!

So, today I’m going to talk about Twitter, the self-described “Micro-blogging” site that launched in 2006 by web developer Jack Dorsey (who later went on to find mega-hit mobile payment app Square; this guy is on FIRE), where users from around the world can disseminate knowledge, share content and network all within 140 characters known as “tweets”. Twitter is a powerful social networking tool, with over 500 million active users and 340 million tweets daily, and almost every major company worth it’s salt has a Twitter account.

Twitter has become one of the “big three” social networks, along with Facebook and Pinterest, and is necessary for any PR pro to at least know the basics. Clients can gain a large following on Twitter and have contests, earn new customers, connect with journalists and be the first on breaking news. You, personally, can connect with PR execs and the follow the firms you want to work with, possibly make personal relationships with journalists that can further your career. But just like any other social network, Twitter can also hurt your career; if you tweet inappropriate things, profanity, inflammatory or derogatory statements, they will be accessible by the general public and if someone takes a screenshot of the Tweet it will exist, even after you delete it.

Twitter is important and an understanding of it, as well as an active twitter profile that demonstrates your understanding and “tweet” savvy and get you ONE step closer to a dream PR job. I would advise ANYONE who aspires to work in PR, public affairs, marketing, social media or any communications-related job, to get a Twitter account and keep the content relevant, professional, fresh and engaging. I have some links below that I think you might find useful, that’s it for me today, hope you enjoyed it and comment if you like!

XOXOXO, Jess_AsPRing

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