Ending That Internship with Flair!

Hey fellow PR lovers…so I ended my first ever PR internship this past Thursday, and let me tell you: I was super sad! They got me cupcakes and the most expensive greeting card I have ever received in my life (I’m looking at you mom and dad…step yo’ game up). Well, I didn’t just leave with a wave and a “see ya!” nope, I did a few things that I think made an impression…and I want to share them with you, so next time you go out, go out with a BANG! Here we go:

  • Make sure to finish ALL your assigned work: Okay, I have to confess, I really did NOT want to finish my last assignment, it was a writing assignment and I was not feeling very confident in my writing. However, I forced myself to finish it out. Just because it’s your last day doesn’t mean you fool around and get on facebook: make sure you finish all your assignments. Don’t leave anything for the next intern, that’s just rude.
  • Make sure you get final feedback: I was pretty lucky with my supervisor in that she gave pretty consistent feedback (we sat right next to each other, so it was pretty easy) and I always had an idea of how I was doing, so I skipped this step. But if you’re still wondering how you did and it hasn’t been brought up; take the initiative and ask: how you did this summer, your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve.
  • Ask for that recommendation letter: Don’t be afraid to ask for a letter of recommendation; you did the work and while you did (hopefully) gain invaluable experience, a recommendation letter is the other thing you are hoping to get out of this internship. I asked for a letter in paper and electronic form so that I could have a copy to forward to future internship applications.
  • Express your appreciation: I am a stickler for writing thank you notes, hand written thank you notes at that. I always write them after interviewing and I wrote one for my superiors after this internship as well. Not because I’m a kiss-ass…no, because I really wanted them to know I was grateful for their help and guidance. It can be such a pain having an intern; sure we help, but we also need hand holding and that takes away from other work and I am grateful that they taught me as much as they did. I also made little gift bags, for under $20.
  • Get contact information: Get business cards, linkedin info, Twitter info, etc. make sure you are making those connections so that they can be utilized later on! PR is about who you know my young compatriots!

Well, that’s it for me…tomorrow I start my new internship at a much larger firm and to tell you the truth, I’m worried, but I am also excited. Boutique agencies and larger agencies run differently and I feel like this is yet another adventure in the field I love so much. Remember: your reputation is king, (or queen) so protect it when you move on to the next big thing.



2 responses to “Ending That Internship with Flair!

  1. Great set of tips, thanks for sharing =)

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