You are your most important “client”, Part III: Maintaining Your Brand.

Happy Sunday fellow newbies! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and you feel refreshed and ready for work/school/internship tomorrow morning (I know I am!). Today we’re continuing with our “personal branding” series, in case you haven’t read part 1, please read it here and in case you haven’t read part 2, got you covered here, where I talked about establishing your brand and communicating your brand.

Today’s post will be about maintaining your brand; which is pretty important since maintaining your brand will allow it to grow, and allow you to benefit from your positive brand notoriety. Here are a few tips to maintain your brand.

Have a list of daily tasks to help you maintain your brand. I know you’re probably saying, “ugh, I have school and work, my internship and PRSSA…how can I find the time to maintain my brand?!” Well, let me give you an idea of what I do, it takes about an hour in the morning (and yes, I just have to wake up an hour earlier, it’s worth it): I schedule a couple of tweets from trusted sites and blogs (including a few from my own, keep my name out there), I respond to unread blog comments, and I compose 1 or 2 e-mails to someone I want to reach out to (I send them later in the morning). These simple daily tasks make sure I am active in social media, maintaining my blog relations & enhancing my network. And all it takes is an hour, 5 days a week.
Keep Your Brand Fresh, Always Evolve. You don’t want a stale brand; everyday you are changing and growing and learning new things, and your brand needs to reflect that! Did you learn a new skill? Put it on Linkedin. Got promoted at work? Make sure your social media profiles reflect your new title. Or just do some general “spring cleaning” every few months to make sure you are sharing new and exciting information about yourself and your brand. Keeping your brand updated also makes you easier to find in search engines. Don’t get stuck in a “brand rut” and keep it updated.
NEVER Bring Negativity Into the Mix. I know sometimes someone will do something that is unethical, hurtful, dangerous or irresponsible, but publicly bashing them only makes YOU look bad. Look at Rush Limbaugh: how many people actually take him seriously? His hate-mongering and negativity have made his brand like poison and he’s lost millions in advertising. It’s totally okay to have a strong opinion, in fact, I think having an opinion is great; but be careful with your words: saying, “that was unwise of xx company to send out that tweet, they should be more careful” sounds way better than, “what idiots I cannot believe XX company tweeted that! #Fail” and you still got your point across.
Remember, This is About Consistency. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this several times before, but I can’t stress it enough: consistency is KEY!!! If you just keep up the “brand basics” then you are already way ahead of the curve. Also, think of it this way: maintaining a positive brand is a 24/7 job (rather aggressively or passively) and if a potential employer sees all of the hard work you do on your brand, they can easily imagine all of the great work you’ll do for their brand and their client’s brands. So be consistent, it will all pay off.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these few tips about brand management and maintenance and remember: YOU are the CEO of You, inc. it is a viable company that can make things happen! So go out there and put your brand to work!

Want some more reading on maintaining your brand? Got you covered:


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