You are your most important “client”, Part II: Communicating Your Brand & Utilizing it For Success.

I know, I know…part II is coming weeks after part I, but I have been working on so many other posts and my job and life and it was just hectic. Have you read part I? Well you should, it will make part II make ALOT more sense, read part I here and now, on to part II:

So, you’ve been thinking about your brand, right? What’s the focus? How you can LIVE your brand? What you want to be known for? Great, now let’s move on to a very important component: communicating your brand. I have been working on this, personally, for the last several weeks and let me tell you: it’s not easy. There are a lot of young PR pros out there who start up a page or a twitter account and 3 weeks later, they abandon it (I cannot tell you how many abandoned blogs I cam across from bright young PR things) so the FIRST step in communicating your brand?

BE CONSISTENT. I know, this seems like a basic thing, right? But in reality, lots of people just aren’t consistent! I know, it seems like nobody is reading your content and your Twitter followers aren’t going up, but remember, nothing happens overnight and the more consistent you are with fresh, original content, the more people will be looking into it. Also, keep in mind, this isn’t a popularity contest, you want future employers to Google you and find engaging content, a well-put together package and a brand they want to invest in. Not a bunch of drunken Facebook photo ops. Which leads me to my 2nd point:
MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON ALL THE BIG NETWORKS. There are so many ways to get content these days; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, Google+, etc. it may start to seem like your head is going to explode with all the accounts you manage and you may want to throw in the towel…BUT DON’T! Millions of potential readers and the people YOU want to impress are on all of these networks and you need to have a presence on them as well. Currently, I am on the following networks with “my brand”:

  1.  Twitter
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook
  4. Pinterest

I have to admit, my Pinterest is still in the midst of the switch over and I am jumping on the Google+ bandwagon, slowly but surely. The point is, I know all of the people I want to impress are on these networks and so, I need to be on these networks as well…there really is no segue way to my next point (sorry, I’m not that clever).
DON’T JUST BE A DIGITAL “BRAND”. I see this all the time: there is someone who has worked on this great blog and Twitter, they have a FB and a Linkedin and then you NEVER see them in person. Don’t get me wrong, a digital brand is necessary in today’s world, but what’s the point of getting all of this online interest if when they meet you, you’re as interesting as beige wallpaper? I KNOW you are charismatic, interesting, knowledgeable and fun! So show it in person! Get out there! Networking is necessary (sounds like a great blog post, right?) and make sure your brand is with you when you network: have business cards, have your elevator speech ready and make sure you know your stuff.

This post was short, but it’s packed with information that has helped ME with building my personal brand these past few weeks. I have a confession to make: I started to feel like this was a popularity contest, I was checking on my Twitter, I want to see who’s following my blog, who’s invited me on Linkedin, etc. but today I remembered: I am doing ALL of this to make sure I get a JOB, I want to be liked, but I want a career more than anything else. Keep that in mind, and your brand will flourish.

Here are some sources from around the web that will (hopefully) help
How Does Your Personal Brand Translate Online?
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Speak For Yourself: 10 Ways To Communicate Your Personal Brand
Effectively Communicate Your Personal Brand Communicating your personal brand (GREAT Video)
Communicating your brand: Never mind what you do – what do you stand for?
Personal Branding 102: How to Communicate & Maintain Your Brand

Have a great week! XOXOXOXO, Jess_AsPRing


7 responses to “You are your most important “client”, Part II: Communicating Your Brand & Utilizing it For Success.

  1. Great post. Consistency is absolutely crucial in communicating your brand. I would add to that clarity and constancy. You want your brand message to be clear and you need to always be communicating it both online and offline. And if you go off-brand having the tools in place to get back on-brand is important. I often tell people that this is when your personal brand statement is a great reminder for how you express your brand. I love your reference to not just being a digital brand. Afterall there is a ‘person’ in ‘personal branding’!

  2. Excellent tips, especially the last one. As digital natives, sometimes we think we can coast off our involvement with social media.

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